Harvard 3D Maps Metadata


3D models are in ESRI File Geodatabase format and were created using 2010-2011 stereo imagery (stereo pairs). A few models were converted from various formats into Geodatabase.


NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet

Data Dictionary

Building Attributes
Height GLHighest point of structure from ground level (est.)
Height SLHighest point of structure from sea level (est.)
RootBuilding Unique Identifier
TUBTUB Descripton USEUSE Description
CADM Central Administration ATH Athletics
DIV Divinity CLE Classroom
FAS Faculty of Art and Science COM Commercial
GSD Graduate School of Design DLB Dry Lab
GSE Graduate School of Education DOR Dormitory
HBS Harvard Business School HLT Healthcare
HKS Harvard Kennedy School LIB Library
HLS Harvard Law School MUS Museum 
HMS Harvard Medical School OFC Office
HRE  Harvard Real Estate RES Residential
HSDM Harvard School of Dental Medicine ROB Research Office Building (Gund Hall only)
HUAM Harvard University Art Museum SUP Support(Typically garages and infrastructure)
HUIT Harvard University Information Technology UNS Unspecified
HUL Harvard University Library WLB Wet Lab
HUP Harvard University Press
IOP  Institute of Politics (associated with HKS)
MEM Memorial Church
RAD Radcliffe Harvard
SEAS School of Engineering and Applied Science
SPH School of Public Health
UHS University Health Services
UOS Now Campus Services


Harvard Planning and Project Managment, SmarterBetterCities and CyberCity3D. The Webscene was generated in CityEngine.


The information contained on this site does not have survey level accuracy and is not to be used as a legal description. The Ground Level Height (Height GL) and Sea Level Height (Height SL) are estimates.

All data is copyright, 2015 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, all rights reserved.

Please contact Parvaneh Kossari, GIS Manager, Harvard Planning & Project Management with any questions, concerns or feedback.